What I'm Going to Miss

  • The beach. Most specifically North Beach. Days like these.

  • Leisure Coast Groceries. They found the best way to get lazy people to buy too many vegetables (just grab a bucket!). Which is only a problem when you have to stuff them I a backpack in order to get them all home.

  • Massive multi-family tubs of sunscreen at the pool for all to use. Greatest investment in public health in a country where the UV rays are too strong for redheads. 
  • Surfers. Surfers in the water, surfers at the beach, surfers running to the beach to surf, surfers biking to the beach to surf. Surfers everywhere. 
  • Flat Whites. Diggies on a sunny morning. Or after a group session. 

  • Spearman’s and Northside Runners. They all understand “I’m with Jamie” means no compromise. They also play street cricket on Australia day with the triathletes. Great people, great stores.
  • Cheap grapes and peaches. And passion fruit and mango. And pumpkin. Not the canned stuff. 
  • The pie shop at the top of Jamberoo pass. Familiar sights are comforting on long rides. Especially when they mean a bit of a break for the legs. And the end of the climb. 

  • Friday morning Open Water Swim Session. Body-bash session. Sometimes, the two were quite similar. Taste of it here...
  • Sunday roast dinner with the eclectic group of people living under one roof at the top of Kembla street.
Most of us are leaving the Gong for the warmer, greener pastures of Vitoria by way of Yokohama. I’m lucky, I’m bringing most of the people I like with me (or rather, I’ m following them). I hate goodbyes, but I plan on coming back someday. In the meantime, life won’t change so much; the environment will be different, but the work and the goals remain the same.

See you on the flip side!

But don't forget to tune in for some fast racing on Saturday, 10AM Japan time! 


1 comment:

Julie14 said...

aww. Bye bye Australie.
J'ai hâte de voir la course de samedi. Je viens de réaliser que c'est vendredi soir ici pis j'ai un souper mais je vais essayer de streamer sur mon cell en même temps! lol

Bon voyage, be safe et bonne course!