A Race and some more stuff

First off i want to say that i tried really hard to write a post last week but I was unsuccesful in my attempt. Josh decided it wouldnt't be. But we are now in between training sessions in Rigaud and I have no excuse not to update a few people on my status. The Auberge where we are staying is great, kind of in the country, with a sweet breakfast every day! The roads around the place are a bit bumpy but we'll see if we can find some nice hills to ride later today. And the High school pool we're swimming at has crazy currents...makes for interesting intervals.

Well, i cant ignore it too much, I have to say that i raced last week-end in Coteau-du-Lac. The organising comitee did a great job, everything went smootly as planned (for the race anyways, not for me). I'm not sure what to say about the race. The swim was fine. Good i would say. Then the first half of the bike was fine. Then i got dropped and nothing was fine anymore. People don't get dropped on flat courses. It just doesn't happened. Very depressing. Thats pretty much all I have to say about the race.

On another note, this week reminded me of other important things in life. Like friends and family. One thing is for sure, I had the best cheering sqad at the race site! Simon and Michael came with Anne et Sylvain, Sylvain's sister brought the entire family (Jeremy et Justine) et les 2 couples de grand-parents sont egalement venus pour l'apres-midi! On dirait que tout ce beau monde s'est bien amuser et les encouragements on beaucoup aide! Apres la course on s'est tous diriges vers un restaurant grec ou je me suis tres rapidement rappeler comment c'est um...diferent....la vie avec des jeunes qui n'arrete pas de bouger. Et Sophie et Francois nous on rejoints avec la petite Marie-Odile (qui est un peu moins petite et qui mange beacoup), ce qui etait un bien belle surprise. Et pour ce qui est des amis, on a eu petit party chez Julie le soir avant que je parte et pour l'avoir organiser la journee meme, on a eu un montant impressionant de gens qui sont venus! Notre jeu de poche a demontre que c'est toujours bien de sortir quand on est au top, et que les bacceux resteront toujours de bacceux (ok guys, on essaye de faire 520 avec les poches qu'on rentre. On a le droit aux multiplication, division, soustraction et addition. et pas de calculatrice...). En fin de compte, une bien belle soire ou la seule partie plate a ete le temps de dire aurevoir a Kateri que je ne vais pas revoir avant Noel parce que la chanceuse s'en va trois semaine en France...

C'est tout pour l'instant,
a bientot



So I have a lot more respect for the people who blog regularly now. I don't know how they do it, most likely its superhuman skills that allow them to think of something interesting to write about their lives and then actually get around to writting about it. And I, as a mere mortal, am having a lot of trouble keeping up with the times. But following the exemple of Stevie and Riley, who have been dutifuly updating the new MNTC blog, I am back on the wagon. For now.

Unfortunatly, (isn't unfortunalty such a wonderful word? so classy when you really have to excuse) too much stuff has happened this year for me to update you readers on truly everything. So I'll just pretend nothing happened and that all I have to update you on is this past week. Maybe one day I'll write a novel explaining my whole freshman year. But right now I'm back home in wonderful winnipeg and back to being a full time triathlete (which I quite enjoy, can't lie about that). And since there is no better way to remind myself of the infinite joys of triathlon then to go right ahead and race one, thats what I did. And, lucky me, the whole country decided to come have fun with me in freezing Birds Hill park. But I can't say it wasn't a good time, and everyone went home with all their toes (I think).

And then this week it was time to get back to work with some intense cycling. As Josh pointed out, I was basicly trying to fit 17 days of Tucson training camp into 2 days in Winnipeg (Gary and Daryl's masterplan here). It turned out all right, with two tire changes and one sore butt. Some swimming and running to go along with that and we were set for a solid week. And also a trip to the hospital and a bunch of Advils...triathlon is risky business sometimes :-) But I forgot my worries for a bit and watched the NCAA on the computer/TV where Clara Grant (she's on my team!) ran an awesome race to get 4th in the 10km! Also my man German, in a pre-like fashion, imposed total domination in the 1500.

thats it for now