Summer Time. Highs and Lows.

Hello dedicated readers, and thank you for tuning in,

It’s been a while, but let’s not dwell on the past shall we!  Although, before we forget it all, I’ll do a quick summary of what I've done with my time over the past few months.
  •  I graduated from West Virginia University with a BS in Finance for the College of Business and Economics. My parents, brothers and favorite aunt drove down for the occasion and I got to show them around town. (Big Up, I still enjoy telling people I graduated, so don’t hesitate to ask me when you see me).
    Steph A and I at the B&E Convocation
  •  I failed to qualify for Nationals Track by racing foolishly at Regionals, and just not being fast enough on the day. (big low, don’t mention that)
  • I left all my friends and family in Morgantown. forever. (big low)
    Part of The Team. Miss them already
  •  I saw all my Winnipeg friends and got to see coach Pallett who is on track to lose a whole Tyler pretty soon, is a proud grandpa, and is doing a great job with the juniors up in frozenland. (big up)
  •   I got to fly to Victoria to train for a while and meet the awesome IST (integrated support team) team which will be with us until Rio. Very excited to be working with all those passionate and professional people! (big up)
  • Had the chance to race the world cup in Edmonton with all my friends. (so-so results, great experience) Welcome back to ITU racing Sarah.
  •   Travelled to Brazil without my trusty companion who happened to crash in Edmonton (Big low - heal quick tyler)
  •    Raced PATCO championships on Sunday. Got 2nd in the race (results here), which was won in impressive fashion by Pamela Oliveria soloing from the front. I tried to limit the damage to the best of my abilities but I, let’s say, ran out of road to run her down. All in all, very pleased about with that result. I’ll be facing much stronger field in the near future but it’s a good start and it’s always a good feeling when I can execute the plan.(Big Up!)

As you can tell, this is a very much abbreviated summary, and if have any questions/comments regarding any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact me. Maybe one day I’ll write more about my races, or my travels, or all the interesting junior kids, or rather young adults, I got to spend the last week with in Brazil.And I have no doubt the next few months will bring their fair share of adventures that I can share with all my readers…

Until next time,