Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Quick takes from Mooloolaba CC:
  • Sometimes, we travel to races and everything seems to come together. The accommodations are great, the people are funny and interesting and thoughtful, the logistics flow and things go according to plan. Last weekend was one of those trips. TriCan has something to do with that. Thanks.
  • Mooloolaba is a stunning location for a race. Or a vacation. I encourage you to go if you ever get the chance. Or just make that chance happen.
  •  Triathlons are exciting. I got to watch the big girl’s race on Saturday and there are some speedsters out there! Pretty excited to have a go at it myself sometime soon, but we’re taking it one step at a time.
  • I’ve "updated" my swim stroke, cycled heaps, just gotten back into a constant running schedule. THAT is why I didn’t race the WC, for all those asking. One step at a time.
  • Golly, it feels good to put my arms up in the air. Again.
  •  I am fully aware I’ll have some bigger fish to fry soon. But I showed up on Sunday (too early, but what can you do) ready to get the job done. I found a few things that may need tweaking, so I’ll be working on that.
  • Ellen and I can pack my bike in 10 minutes. Biggest accomplishment of the weekend. Also, my fastest drug test ever, even though the volunteers refused to give me water cups on the run course because we were only allowed water bottles at the one water station which stocked them. They train them well.
  • Coming back to Wollongong felt like coming “home”. That’s a good sign.
  • To finish up, huge shout out to my teammates/training partners/friends. Gwen for winning, Ellen for a huge run to nab 4th place,  Kirsten for a stellar swim and a 7th overall, Brian Keane for best dressed, and New Jake for winning the men’s side of things on Sunday morning.


                                          - Did you get New Jake
                                                    - Me: I don't know, someone got champagne in my eyes
                                                     - New Jake: Yeah, someone got champagne in my eyes too. 

Results Here: Mooloolaba Triathlon Oceania Cup 2014