The Tempo Loop

There's this place in Morgantown called the "Tempo Loop". All the college runners know exactly where it is. Somewhere in Suncrest, a nice jumble of random streets make up a loop about a mile a a half long. How it came to be exactly the way it is today, no one really knows (alright, Sean probably had a bit part to play in it). The veterans talk of a time when the tempo loop was quite a bit longer, spilling into Universtiy Av, which could be dangerous when workouts where held at the high time of Morgantown rush hour traffic. As the name sugests, it is mostly used for tempos, although it can also accomodate fartlkets or road intervals. Needless to say, it is use a lot. There comes a time in every West Virginia girl's running carreer where she might realize she knows pretty much every crack in the road, every corner angle (urban designers around here dispise clear cut 90 degree intersections) and every incline, down or up, she might encounter.

Sometimes we go fast on it, sometimes its more of a controlled workout. Saturday it was controlled. But it also happened to go fast.

Best Average Ever. 5:39 per mile. big thanks to Jess O and her crazy arms for bringing that last mile down.

Looks like a good season ahead...



I realize why people blog more during race season: not much happens at other times of the year. Everyone trains, but thats not hardly interesting enough for the rest of the world to read. However, I will ignore that fact and post an update on my life anyways.

#1. Charlie is still alive. In case anyone was worried, it's been proven that I can take care of 1 goldfish for a few weeks without him dying on me. We're planning on investing in fish food soon. Big commitment.

#2. Everyone is running great. We do track workouts during cross season sometimes, so it's easy to see how everyone is progressing. We had one Tuesday, and the fast group was fast. We're putting it all on the line next Friday, at the Penn state meet. That's when we'll know how good we are. Also, Tad took some sweet pictures of the last race which can be found here.

#3. The crazy midterm stuff at school is almost over. This is now the period of in-between-ness when I can relax a bit. And update my blog. And call home.

#4. Gatherings at the house tend to turn into dress-up dance parties. It seems to be quite inevitable. But yesterday this came through as well, thanks to freshie Sarah M.

wicked. Why not use the talents you have eh....



I made it on Flotrack. My life is now complete.

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

He doesn't believe me, but it's true we haven't talked about nationals much. It's true. Also, there's a video of the race. Funny part at 1:20.

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

The whole experience was really cool. It's quite somethin;, the entire day, they had races going with over 300 runners in each, and it seamed to never stop. Who knew so many people even ran in the states. I thought people were supposed to play video games and eat junk food. For West Virginia, the whole team ran great, and we ended up winning the race. Congrats to Guelf to who came second, there were some good teams out there. From what I know anyways. (I don't know much).

Well, I have to go do my life in homework now.

Until later,