Unless you've been living in a twitterless, information vortex, you might be aware by now that I finished fourth at the first WTS race of the season in Auckland. To say I am pleasantly surprised would be a bit of an understatement.

Training has been going well, nothing extraordinary, but every week had been getting better slowly but surely. I gained some confidence from winning the Mooloolaba CC and yes, got back to work after that. I also got some new socks. Some nice tall black cycling socks, Aussie style. Sometimes, it's the little things. I landed in Auckland Tuesday night feeling pretty good and looking forward to a few easy days in my favourite country.

So how was it to race the best in the world?

Well, I tried to pretend it was just the same as I had always done, and that it was just another race. And it really was ‘just another race’.

I dove off the pontoon between Routier and Pennock, which gave me a clearish path to the first can. The rest of the swim, I was a little gridlock and bumped around, but not overly concerned by it. 

Once I mounted my trusty stead, I jumped on Jenkins wheel and didn’t let go until I was safely tucked in the pack. The hills were tough, but I was more than ready for the demands of competition. I don’t have much confidence in my run yet, so I was a little worried when Barbara’s pack came back on us, a few laps before the end of the forty kilometres ride.

I ran out of transition like I’d never stopped racing, like I knew exactly what I was doing. I stuck my nose out there, more because I was worried that if I didn’t stay actively involved I would get left behind than for intimidation purposes. The hardest thing about that run was to ignore the names on the suits around me. Well, running was hard too. I could smell the podium with a few kilometres to go, but those ladies were too good for me on the day. Haug (GER) and Jenkins (GB) ran away from me on the last lap, and that was all I had that day. Since we had caught the two kiwis from the breakaway, that left Stimpson at the front, and me in fourth.

I owe the Wollongong Wizards, my beloved teammates, for showing up ‘errday  and pushing me to be the best ‘me’ I can be, by being the best they can be.

I owe Jamie Turner a lot. Mostly, a new stroke and an attitude.

I owe Libby and Triathlon Canada for the opportunity.

pics by Delly Carr....pretty cool running buddies!

I hope you enjoyed the show on the weekend, here’s to some more good days out there in 2014!

results and 3 minute video recap fort those interested...

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