I realize why people blog more during race season: not much happens at other times of the year. Everyone trains, but thats not hardly interesting enough for the rest of the world to read. However, I will ignore that fact and post an update on my life anyways.

#1. Charlie is still alive. In case anyone was worried, it's been proven that I can take care of 1 goldfish for a few weeks without him dying on me. We're planning on investing in fish food soon. Big commitment.

#2. Everyone is running great. We do track workouts during cross season sometimes, so it's easy to see how everyone is progressing. We had one Tuesday, and the fast group was fast. We're putting it all on the line next Friday, at the Penn state meet. That's when we'll know how good we are. Also, Tad took some sweet pictures of the last race which can be found here.

#3. The crazy midterm stuff at school is almost over. This is now the period of in-between-ness when I can relax a bit. And update my blog. And call home.

#4. Gatherings at the house tend to turn into dress-up dance parties. It seems to be quite inevitable. But yesterday this came through as well, thanks to freshie Sarah M.

wicked. Why not use the talents you have eh....

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