I made it on Flotrack. My life is now complete.

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

He doesn't believe me, but it's true we haven't talked about nationals much. It's true. Also, there's a video of the race. Funny part at 1:20.

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

The whole experience was really cool. It's quite somethin;, the entire day, they had races going with over 300 runners in each, and it seamed to never stop. Who knew so many people even ran in the states. I thought people were supposed to play video games and eat junk food. For West Virginia, the whole team ran great, and we ended up winning the race. Congrats to Guelf to who came second, there were some good teams out there. From what I know anyways. (I don't know much).

Well, I have to go do my life in homework now.

Until later,


Jairus Streight said...

congrats sarah-anne! thats wicked!! =)

sarah said...

thanks Jairus :-)

i saw your comment on flotrack too, pretty sweet!