Glasgow Shenanigans.

The XX Commonwealth Games aren't quite over yet, but we've been home for almost a week already, and so a personal update on my part seems to already be overdue. Back in the training routine, it's hard to believe that not that long ago we were part of one of he biggest sporting events of the year in Glasgow. 

We had the chance to get the full games experience as we arrived in the village a few days before the sporting events started. The village itself is quite interesting. They have basically built a small colony on the edge of the river, complete with food services, laundry, entertainment center and special sections based on your country and your sport. A colony where mostly English speaking super-human with all sorts of athletic abilities roam the streets, sometimes in odd attires, and live in close proximity with each other for a few weeks.In the colony your accreditation is your lifeline, a free pass to mostly everything (even the bar) and you better not lose that baby. Outsiders are frowned upon, although you are allowed to leave the colony if necessary. Wireless is abundant, except in the dining hall, where we were forced to make conversation with those sitting across us rather than those at the other end of the word on screens. How odd. Genius, if you ask me. The first day at the colony felt a little bit like a family reunion as I saw people I hadn't seen in many months (or even years in some cases). 

I found it quite surreal to be talking to other athletes in the village and later than day, they would pop up on TV, in this very professional broadcast of them doing what they do best. Then they would come back to the village and eat dinner like everything was normal. There were even some Wiggins sightings (but I was too busy riding my bike to notice) and several other fast Canadian athletes that I wish I had the courage to go talk to. Wasted opportunity. And now for the races....

July 24th - Individual Triathlon Event


Picture to break up the text. I'm in there. for a bit. 
I’m “the bad”. I’m the one whose race didn’t go according to plan. I’m the one who got a little caught up in all the shit going in, who got a little distracted, who got a little soft in a moment that mattered too much to afford going soft. And when the bubbles dissipated in front of my face, when I realized the gravity of the situation, it was too late. I rode around the course on my bike, along with some nice South African ladies who also missed the pack, lamenting to myself how much fun it would be to mix it up at the front. After leaving my bike in T2, I had a little chat break with the hefe who gave me some fairly terrible news and told me to get off the course. Easier said than done. I don’t know if the coverage properly conveyed the magnitude of the crowds who came out or the impeccable barricades installed for our race, but finding an opening and a quiet spot to sulk was near impossible. I trudged back to transition, and ended the day with a DNF besides my name. 
Wasted opportunity.

“ The good”? That’s Kirsten of course! After many years of injuries and setbacks and odd happenings she had a lucky break(luck she works hard to have happen), one everyone always knew she could have, and landed herself on the podium with a 2nd place finish after a finely executed race. Quite the excitement! 

And “the ugly",  that’s breaking a collarbone after the second crash of the day. That’s the terrible news I got shortly before dropping out of the race. That’s our third teammate, Ellen, who met a barrier and then the ground a little quicker than she expected. Shit happens. She had a great swim, and was in a great position, but sometimes there are things outside your control that determine your destiny. She’s been a trouper through the entire experience, got some good care from the Canadian doctors and the polyclinic staff in the village, and she’ll be back winning races shortly. She left a big whole on the team and in my heart. The whole on the team, I would have to fill myself on the team relay on Saturday. The one in my heart, it’ll stay there until she’s back training by my side.

Kuddos to the rest of the podium on the day. Jodie and Vicky showed the rest of the english world how it's done, and no one had anything to add (besides Kirsten). Yorke and Bailie on the men's side get race of the day for their 4th and 5th place finishes respectively. 

July 26th. Team Relay Event. 

Team Maple Syrup gets to work 

Kirsten started things off for us and tagged off to Sharpe in first. Great start to the day for Canada eh! Sharpe mastered his leg of the relay and kept it together in the run, even though he hasn't had the easiest time this year with injuries and all. Very proud of my tallest friend. I gave a good effort and managed to hold my position, doing my utmost to not let Emma Jackson get a lead for Australia on that mile run. Andrew brought it home for us in style and once again it came down to a sprint finish with Bailie. The finishing order was reversed, and we nabbed the fourth position. That one didn't sit quite as well with Andrew. Proud of every member of the team for the awesome display of guts and speed. I hope you got to see it, because it was too exciting. We have some room to grow as a team and hopefully the team event becomes an integral part of triathlon one day. 

Sharpe, Kirsten, Me and Yorke. Team Canada. 

The "team" deserves a huge thanks. It goes without saying, JT got us ready to perform on the day, and we were. Drew Marilyn, Dr Patty, Sharleen, Roger, Libby. Medals don’t win themselves, and athletes are no islands. I also got lots of love on the race course, from my parents who made the trip from Canada, my uncle and the fam, Jess, and even a few Aussies who might have cheered for a Canuck or two along the way....Couldn’t thank y’all enough. The volunteers and officials also put on a wonderful show, in the village, at the park and around he city. Scotts are awesome. I knew that already of course, but now that I have more than a couple acquaintances it holds more weight. I'll be back. Oh, and the kiwis. They know how to party. 

Until then, it's time to get ready for the Grand Finale. 


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