Canucks at North Beach
– me. (sarah-anne) I’m part of a group of young Canadian triathletes, the new generation they might say. There’s also a slew of Aussies who know what’s up, a couple fast Americans, a go-proing Hungarian, a South African,  and a slight Chilean who likes to make fun of me.  We form a “group of individuals” working together towards a goal. This group is also known as the Wollongong Wizards (although I have yet to be officially inducted or get tatted up)


-Training. Training. Training. Learning about myself, and life, and triathlon. If you've seen me over the past few months, you probably thought my training was quite relaxed, that being a triathlete seemed like a sweet pastime. I got to see friends, family, a little bit of British Columbia, meet some cool  people, and then see more family. But that time is over now. Not that it wasn't enjoyable, but time off implies that there needs to be some `time on`, and this is it. Time to get to work, to go after the process that will deliver performance. So don’t get married in the winter or the summer, I’m not coming (unless you get married in Spain, then we could maybe work something out…). Fall weddings FTW.
hanging out at coopers with the mommies over break.
No more free afternoons now.
except for Sundays, 


 –Australia. Mostly Wollongong (google it), a little bit of Falls creek, although that part is now over, before we launch for Europe, and ultimately Edmonton for the World Championships (upon qualification, of course) But for now, we’ll be rooted in Wollongong, which is a university beach town south of Sydney. Yeah, life could be worst.


– I missed the countdown on the East Coast by a few hours. I caught the 12 bangs of midnight in Vancouver, sitting on the runway waiting for the interminable international flight to take off. That’s when it started. But realistically, I've been prepping for a while. Ever since I got back from my last adventure. Shout out to the parents for helping with the last prep before take off.


 – The relentless pursuit of excellence. Racing the best in the world on the ITU circuit. Winning. 

I feel like I ran away a little bit, when I talk to people and they aren’t sure where in the world is Sarah-Anne Brault. I guess it's hard to keep up at times. I hope this little guide helps. I’m also hoping I can get some more updates up, about life, triathlon, maybe some racing stories. But we'll take life one days at a time, one session at a time. It makes it all that much sweeter if I can share it with y'all. 

Thanks for reading,

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Meg Wright said...

Love it Sarah Anne!
We are cheering for you every step of the way!

Julie14 said...

Merci de partager Sarah!
Me semble que ça me réchauffe de savoir que t'es en Australie ;-)
D'autres updates quand t'auras le temps!

Take care