Life Amongst the Sheep

After being “home” for a few weeks, the winds blew westward. That’s how I ended up on top of a mountain in New Zealand’s south Island. My uncle travels a lot and his two favorite spots are probably Barbados and NZ. I’ve managed to hit up both in the span of a few months. Gold star for me.

So what’s it like here? Training camp life. Train, eat, sleep, make new friends and try to get a few minutes of spotty internet connection from time to time.

Honestly, it’s been great. Wanaka itself consist of a few blocks of little shops and café by the (cold) lake. The roads surrounding Wanaka lend themselves quite well to hour upon hour of quality riding. And the running trails…oh the running trails….

The company is top notch. Some crazy people out there, but as long as they channel it the right way, then they become winners. That’s my theory anyways. Lots of learning going on. Lots of little things to work on, things to tweak, a never ending process. Process process process…

Tea and crosswords in the morning remind me of home. Although NZ crosswords are different, they have more black squares. Adaptation necessary.

Just finishing up this block of training here before our little group is off to Sydney, Australia, to take on the rest of the world in an epic battle on the blue carpets in front of the opera house. Stay tuned.

Your friend the Mountaineer

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Anonymous said...

Wow 2 posts in the same year. I'm proud of you.