some crazyness and some runnin'

So its been a while already but time seems to be going faster every day. The long weekend flew by but I did do a couple things worth mentionning in the blog. First of all, since this season is all about running cross-country, I'd like to underline the fact that I did my first workout with the team this saturday. We only do hard runs with a coach twice a week, so its a pretty big deal whenever we do them. Well, I thought it was. I didn't push it too much for this first one. We did 90-60-30-15. fours sets. So: 90 seconds fast, 90 seconds slower but not jog, and after 4 we go right into the set of 60s. Apparenlty we'll be getting a lot of practice with this one as the season goes on.
That was the workout in the morning. Then it was football time. I had been warned about this football madness before coming to WVU, but I was not prepared. While we were working out, there were people tailgaiting - drinking beer, eating and playing games in the field by their park cars. crazyness. at 8:30 in the morning. The game itself was nice to watch, although everyone stands, which makes it hard to stay for the entire game time, but makes for a cool atmosphere. The student section is pretty crazy (and smoky and stinky) so we snuck into the senior student section, where people seem a tad more tamed. I didn`t really understand what was going on all the time, but it wasn't really a problem; when the crowd cheers, were happy. And I have to say the band stole the show, with pretty swifty shape shifting (along with a good ol bit of american patriotism and the biggest americain flag ever seen). We stayed extra long to see those troupers. We eventually had to leave and we drove to the next county's high school as some of the girls on the team were racing the first race of the season. We tried to watch but it was the foggiest evening I've ever seen. And it was dark by the time everyone ran. Therefore, there wasn't much to be seen. The girls still ran great and it was an enjoyable evening with a pretty drive. I'll tell more stories later, right now its time for some rest and recovery.
bonne nuit :-)

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